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    28/02/2016: Hosting moved to github.
    06/11/2013: Hosting moved to git servers at; all libraries have received new version numbers.
    17/03/2013: ABCL is now also supported in MOP Feature Tests, Closer to MOP, ContextL, and AspectL.
    09/12/2012: ECL 12.12.1 has seen major improvements in its MOP support, and therefore also in Closer to MOP.
    20/01/2010: Added support for LispWorks 6.0 in Closer to MOP.
    04/12/2009: New releases of all libraries (incl. Closer to MOP and ContextL).
    04/12/2009: Brand new library: Filtered Functions.

    This project is an umbrella project for a few subprojects whose aim is to improve the usability of the CLOS MOP across different Common Lisp implementations.

    MOP Feature Tests is a library that checks what features of the AMOP specification is supported by a given CL implementation. This results in a number of keywords that describe the various aspects of a MOP.

    Closer to MOP is a compatibility library that provides a package that adds missing features and/or replaces existing features with versions that better reflect the AMOP specs. If the latter is not possible, it provides utility functions that allow one to work around restrictions.

    Finally, the Closer project hosts ContextL, Filtered Functions, and the (by now deprecated) AspectL, three libraries that are useful in their own right, but at the same time also make indepth use of the CLOS MOP. These libraries implicitly provide test cases against which new MOP implementations can be checked for compatibility.

    Effectively, the Closer project helps to bring the MOP into a shape that Common Lisp programmers can better rely on across many implementations.

    As of August 2005, ContextL has been added as a non-trivial example. It is a full-fledged CLOS extension in its own right, providing language constructs for Context-oriented Programming (COP). See also my homepage for further information on COP.

    As of February 2006, AspectL has been added to the Closer Project.

    As of December 2009, Closer to MOP has received a major improvement in that the generic function invocation protocols are now supported consistently across a broad range of Common Lisp implementations.

    As of December 2009, Filtered Functions have been added to the Closer Project.

    As of November 2013, Project hosting has been moved to

    As of February 2016, Project hosting has been moved to github.
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